Ramapo College of New Jersey Top Questions

Tell us about the food and dining options.


Ramapo has seven dining hall options: 1. The Sensible Six -Six meals per week in the two buffet style dining halls + $450 in Flex. 2. The Tasty Ten -Ten meals per week + $200 in Flex. 3. The Super Fourteen -14 meals per week + $200 in Flex. 4. The Unlimited -Unlimited meals in the buffet style dining halls + $50 in Flex. 5. The Laurel Plan -ONLY $400 in Flex (no meals per week) 6. Only Flex/Ramapo Bucks -You can choose just to have flex dollars or ramapo bucks which carry over each year. 7. No Meal Plan -If you have a full kitchen in your apartment on campus you can opt out of having a meal plan. The food is really great. We have two buffet style dining halls which always have a variety of different foods for vegetarians, vegans or anyone with special dietary needs. Then they have the grill with lots of different types of burgers, fries etc, then hometown which is themeat and potatoes of the foot. We always have pizza, and also an on call chef. We also always have cereal, salad, sandwiches, fruits, drinks, coffee, tea, etc.