Ramapo College of New Jersey Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


I know all of my professors names as well as their emails. My favorite class is biology, although, it is also my hardest. The amount of time students study really depends on their major and their own personal preference. Class participation in my biology class always occurs. Dr. Petro usually has demonstration to help with hard concepts so it helps to participate if you are having trouble with that particular concept. The most unique class is definitely biology. I am so interested in the class because i learn so much even though i hate it at the same time because of the amount of studying you have to do. I am an integrated sciences major which is basically a combination of social sciences as well as applied sciences.


they offer plenty of unique and challenges courses but you are always able to lighten up your course load with less demanding classes.


Ramapo College is most known by its high standings with academics. The classes are hard, the professors are hard, but it is all well worth it. You get the education you paid for and the professors really try and get to know each individual student. My favorite class is Death and Loss in Later Life and my professor, Dr. Scotty, is so genuine and caring. It's without a doubt a difficult class but it is so interesting and rewarding. The hard classes at Ramapo are definitely worth while.


The academics at Ramapo are top of the line. This liberal arts college has an incredible amount of majors, minors, concentrations, and programs that you can study. The classes are small (max size is 30 students) and the teachers really get to know you. I find that the classes here are easy to get involved in because they are not straight lectures; all of my classes have been discussion based. Unlike larger universities, Ramapo does not offer lecture halls and all of your classes are interactive, fun, interesting, and contemporary. I love learning here because the level of intelligence of my peers and the knowledge of the professors here really contributes to a positive learning experience. I am a Spanish Major and I am also getting a certification to teach K-12. I also declared minors in Latin American Studies and International Business. I am part of so many different sections of the school and that really has diversified my learning. Professors have an open door policy and will work with you until you understand everything that they are teaching. I strongly believe that the academics here are incredible and really prepare students for the real world.