Ramapo College of New Jersey Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I would brag about the majors, which are very important to students. As a liberal arts school, they provide a well-rounded education for students to venture into different aspects of concentration. Also, the food and the its hours of service isn't too bad. They provide a variety of food and if you're a vegetarian/ vegan there's a lot you can choose from, from tofu to even vegetable pizza.On weekdays, the cafeteria is open until 2:00 am, and on weekends until 12:00 am.


I love the academic opportunities that Ramapo provides. The professors are top-notch but the typical class size is small, so I've become friendly with many of my teachers. There are also quite a few ways to obtain scholarships, internships, and important connections in general.


Our dorms are amazing compared to other schools.


It costs a lot less than other colleges so that is something to brag about. I also like the small class size. The dorms are very nice as well .


The collaboration between the students, and with the professors is very fulfilling. Also, the learning environment is one that is challenging, but in a positive way and which sparks your mind to think about things from different angles.


my hair


the campus and dorming


How beautiful the campus is!


The scenery around Ramapo is beautiful. The school is in the middle of the mountains, away from the city, yet everything we could possibly need (grocery stores, restaurants, banks, hospitals, etc.) is only a couple miles away.