Ramapo College of New Jersey Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about my school is that if you don't own a vehicle, it is difficult to walk/travel anywhere you desire. Once you step off the school's compound you end up on a high way. There are no nearby stores or any sort of attraction that students can enjoy without taking the school's shuttle.


It is a big commuter school and a lot of students live in neighboring towns so the weekends could be very quiet. The president keeps enforcing new rules upon the students because one or two students step too far out of line.


The worst part about my school was I never felt truly challenged or compelled to learn. The environment created by professors was never one in which i felt was enhancing my development and made me question where $20,000 of money had gone.


Although Ramapo College of New Jersey is a wonderful school, the worst thing about it is the limited opportunities to integrate with other students who attend the university. Last year I was a student at another school where there were many opportunities and events to participate in that brought everyone in the school together. Ramapo College may offer some events, but they are not advertised and students are not greatly encouraged to attend. Ramapo College could do a much better job at extending the invitation to events or creating new events for the students to participate in as a whole.


The worst thing about my school is the lack of on campus activities for residents. There are many flyers around campus for these activities, but they never go as planned or there are not many students at them. I have tried to attend the weekend activities, but being a suitecase school, there are not many people a these events. During the week days, the events are a little more involed, but that is also when i have tons of school work to do. If the activities actually made people stay at school, things would be more fun for residents.


The worst thing is that most of the students go home on the weekends. Every student is allowed to have a car so many people do bring their car. I believe that for the 2011/2012 school year they are not allowing freshmen to bring their car which will help to keep the students on campus. Not everybody goes home so there are still things to do with your friends.


I would consider the budget cuts the worst thing that Ramapo College is dealing with at the moment. Education is the key to the future.


I believe that it is harder to make friends, mostly because it is a community college and most of the people there are only there to get their degree and get out. They are not there not the whole college expierience. I would enjoy making friends, if given the opportunity. This does not mean that you cannot make friends, it just makes it harder at some times.


The worst thing for me, as a commuter, is the traffic that I often have to deal with in order to get to school. There is actually only one covenient way for me to get there, and any variation would add both time and distance to the commute.


The worst things about my school is that we can not stay on campus during our winter break and if we decide to stay it cost extra money.


Campus life is Horrible


The lack of response and communication to off campus and commuter students.


The worst thing about this school are the Academic Advisor. They do not help you unless you twist their arms and repeatedly e-mail them and show up at their offices with concerns for your academic future. They do not seem to care about helping you unless it is absolutely 100% necessary.