Ramapo College of New Jersey Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school? Is this stereotype accurate?


My school is stereotyped as being really boring during the weekends but in reality it can be a really good time. There are various programs that are sponsored by many different groups that offer the chance to interact with other students while having fun and receiving free food and prizes.


Most people are right to believe that students at ramapo come from similar demographics and live close to campus. ramapo is often referred to as a commuter or back-pack school. many live locally and go home on the weekends.


At Ramapo College of New Jersey most students go home on weekends because most of us live close to home. It's known as a "backpack" school. More students are trying to get everyone to stay by having more events on campus but so far it hasnt been successful. This stereotype is true.


In my experience, there are truly no negative stereotypes at Ramapo. There are also very few people that I've ever met here that even give stereotypes any serious thought. Stereotypes in general are blind labels, and often inaccurate ones at that. Our Roadrunners are individuals, and we have unique and talented scholars in every major. The only outside stereotype that you may have heard of is that we are a "backpack school." In reality, a good deal of the student body does go home for the weekend. Many of us live close enough to do so. However, that doesn't diminish the sense of community and academic-mindedness found here during the week. And if going home to work a few extra shifts and see our loved ones has become our only stereotype, then I suppose we've had our share of luck as far as labels go.


They are lazy and do not want to leave their rooms to enjoy all that Ramapo has to offer. I think in part it is. I usually hear students complaining about how how the college doesn't do "enough" for the students in terms of social programming, but Ramapo really does. It is the STUDENTS who are not proactive and who do not attend all the events the College Programming Board. It is not to say that everyone thinks like that, but a good portion does.


The students at my school are really diverse. I would not say there is a particular stereotype. If I had to choose something that seems to fit the whole campus I would say we are all sorority girls or frat boys.