Ramapo College of New Jersey Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


The school isn't too bad.The size of the school, in opinion is it's best asset, it's the smallest college in New Jersey so you don't have to worry about walking too much. The buildings are also connected, so its easy to find your classes. Also, people here that genuinely wants to help students further there education, and that will give you beneficial advise. Most of the staff, I've encountered are friendly and wise.


The best thing about Ramapo College has to be the amount of students in each. I know most people hear this all the time but it truly does make a difference. As a science major i find it very helpful to be able to ask my professors when things aren't clear to me. I'd change the food in Birch, one of the food places. It always makes me feel bad. The size of the school is just right because it isn't so big where you have to leave 30 minutes before your class but it isn't so small where you feel like everyone is someone you already know. Most of my time on campus is spent at various of my friends' dorms.


the best thing is the small class sizes which allow you to make connections with professors. there are also many places besides the library to relax and get work done and at the same time plenty of places and opportunities to mingle.


I am a Nursing major at Ramapo and I think if you're after a great academic school this is the place to be. It's definitely not the place for partying, you get in trouble easily and pay alot of fines. But if you're focused on school work this is your school!


Choosing Ramapo College was one of the best choices that I have ever made (besides studying abroad). The school is big enough where you do not see the same people every day but small enough to have a really solid group of friends. In my opinion, Ramapo is a hidden gem. The campus is tucked away in the Ramapo Valley Mountains so it is really hidden from the rest of the world. But, we have NYC right at our fingertips. The academics are excellent, challenging, but really superb. It would be hard not to get involved at Ramapo because of the number of teams, organizations, frats, sororities, and clubs that we have. The professors here are top of the line. What is really great about them is that because we have such small class sizes, the professors are able to give you the individual attention that you need. I also want to mention that the residence halls are the nicest I have seen in my entire life. And that says a lot because when I was applying to schools, I visited over 15!!!! So, I have seen my fair share of college dorm rooms.