Ramapo College of New Jersey Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The worst thing about my school is that if you don't own a vehicle, it is difficult to walk/travel anywhere you desire. Once you step off the school's compound you end up on a high way. There are no nearby stores or any sort of attraction that students can enjoy without taking the school's shuttle.


Someone who does'nt know where to begin with their studies.


Prospects students should not be afraid to step out of their comfort zones and explore the different facets of Ramapo's inclusive campus. The college is, unfortunately, highly oriented to dorming students, therefore commuting students might face technicalities. This being said, either kind of student can thrive if they like to explore and spend time outside of class learning about the material provided. Students should want to receive a Liberal Arts education and have an open mind about the variety of courses offered. Students should also be dedicated not only to their major, but any class at hand.


Someone who wants to get a good education at a reasonable price. Those who should attend this school are those who are looking for somewhere down to earth to earn their diploma.


Someone who wants a smaller school with smaller classes and is very open minded


It is a liberally sound school, but anyone would enjoy this school. There are always activities and things to do on and off campus. It is primarily seen as a "suitcase school" and often weekends are a bit dull, but for those who stay we have different things going on to keep busy and have fun.


The type of student that should attend this school is a student who is capable of working hard, deals well with boredom and inactivity, and has no original thought. Professors here think out of the box very little. Students who can get on the good side of professors and provide only the answers they want to hear is also the type of student that should attend this school.


Someone who is looking to attend a highly-ranked liberal-arts school.


anyone who wants to make friends and get a good education


The type of person who should attend this school is someone from the New Jersey/ New york Area, who does not want want the big college experience. A student coming to Ramapo College should be focused mainly on their education and much less on their social life. Big athletes also should choose a different school. Although Ramapo College is very competeive as a Division 3 school, it is just that, a Divisoin 3 school. High school students looking for a quiet environemnt away from the big cities and urban life are the perfect candidates for this school.


Some one that likes meaningful freindships and likes to have a good time.


its not really a school for someone who wants to go to college and live the college life you should just go to this school to get an education and then leave and go on to the real world.