Ramapo College of New Jersey Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The parking is horrible, especially in the winter when half the parking lots are covered in snow mounds.


Many students would go out at night during school days and on the weekend and people would be very rude and loud during the night when I was trying to sleep. I understood that many students wanted to have the full college experience, but I feel like many forgot why they came to college in the first place--to learn. Also, for what I was majoring in, I basically had to teach myself everything in order understand the content. I knew my teachers wanted me to learn, but they just weren't very helpful in explaining things.


Their was nothing that frustating. Its a school where people are pretty easy to get along with.


The most frustrating thing about my school is that most of my professors know english as thier second language. They are very hard to understand.


This isn't the fault of Ramapo College, but the most frustrating thing about attending college is the time of transition. Regardless if one is transitioning from another college or high school, the adjustment period is a real thing and influences students differently. Students remain within one setting for a such long period of time, then it suddenly stops and they are now in a more adult, realsitic academic and social situtaition. Some students engage in activities that are stereotypical of the "college experience" and some embrace the change and opportunity to become diverse.


The most frustrating aspect is the food that is offered. Both cafeterias are buffet style and I almost always have a tough time finding something to eat that genuinely tastes good. Latenight dining from 9pm-1am is when they serve the best food. They offer many choices, I just wish it was cooked better.


I have not experienced any frustrating factors, the campus is beautiful, convenient and everyone is very polite. Perhaps the most frustrating part of any college is being a young amitious student going to school full time as well as working, yet not being able to pay tuition on time.


For the most part, it's fine, however it's frustrating that it takes 20 mintues to a half an hour to get there. Before I was homeschooled to my school was quite convienient.


Because of the small class sizes, it is sometimes hard to get into the classes you want. Living on campus, the weekends are dead and it is impossible to get any sort of food at either 1pm or 5pm .


The most frustrating thing about my school is the walk to my classes in the cold weather.


The most frustrating thing about Ramapo is that it's not a well-known school that holds weight in it's name. While grades and academic success speaks for themselves, it seems as if they mean less to employers because the college isn't well-reknowned. At the same time, however, the quality of the education is excellent.


The most frusturating thing about my school is registering for classes. It is usually a common frustration at othe schools as well. It is most helpful to plan ahead for all classes with backups in case the clas becomes full. If you contact the professor of a class you would like to get into ahead of time, they will most likely keep a spot open for you if you have a later registration.


The only frustrating aspect is the lack of weekend activities. There are many commuters attending Ramapo and just as many students who live close enough to spend their weekends at home.


the way some of the students (white) treat me


The most frustrating thing is that many people of the Caucasian background have gone to all white schools their entire lives before this point and when they get to Ramapo, they find a handful of minorities present and call Ramapo "diverse" when, in comparison to my predominanty minority high school, Ramapo only scratches the surface on diversity. It is not all white of diversely-challenged, but it can still up its status in regards to a more diverse campus scene.


Securtiy makes it a point to bust students for alcohol. I largely believe this to be so they can increase revenue seeing that they raised the minimum fine to $100. It seems they are more interested in the violations than the welfare of the students.


Again, the most frustrating thing about this school is trying to get an appointment with your Academic Advisor.


The Most frusturating thing has to be staying up till about 4 or 5 am typing papers and/or studying for a next day test/exam. Its alot of work but in the end its worth it. Just get it over with and keep in going.