Ramapo College of New Jersey Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


It's located in a beautiful area and is within walking distance of the Ramapo Valley County Reservation while also providing students with easy access to New York City. I think this is one of the best things about my school because it allows for the dual experiences of exploring rural and urban settings, both of which are enjoyable in their own rights - even necessary.


The best thing about Ramapo College of New Jersey is the overall friendliness of the school's professors and their accessibility to students.


I have made some very strong friendships, have had a lot of time to work on school work, and have managed to find a job on campus. The school has forced me to work harder based on the classes I pick and it has helped me gain a lot of knowledge because of it.


I think the best thing about Ramapo are the teachers. I have never been in a classroom where the teachers know every students' name and are so encouraging. They are passionate and want every student to succeed. The work load can be challenging, but the teacher's at Ramapo guide you every step of the way.


I think Ramapo is unique in the sense that we have such a diverse community and everyone has their own passion and something they excel in. Bringing together 5,500 students, all with their own talents and abilities teaches us all a lot about how beautiful diversity is.


The best aspect of Ramapo College is the value. It provides a terrific academic program, with phenomenal housing, good food, and all for the price of a state school. For my major specifically, Communication Arts, they offer five different concentrations to choose from, more than any other school that I visited. The school additionally provides students with a gym, two dining halls, and frequent social events. The faculty is well educated and students are given the chance to provide anonymous feedback on their teachers at the end of the semester, taking the students opinions into account.


Tha academic programs and the classes are presented in a very organized fashion. All majors have a reccomended sequence of study which is easy to understand making sure students can stay on track. This does not mean though, that there is enough spots in these required classes.


I like that Ramapo is a smaller school because I know many people but am still getting to know people as they come in and we meet. Once i joined Greek life, I met a lot more people and made friends for lief.


The enthusiasm found in the teachers is probably the best aspect of Ramapo. When looking at other colleges during open houses, the professors only seemed interested at the kids that came to them, but at Ramapo, they came to the prospective students to show them how great of a school Ramapo is. That is why I chose Ramapo, because I saw how interested the professors were in their students.


The best thing about Ramapo is the small class sizes. The average class size is between 10 and 25 students, which enabled professors to hold discussions with their students instead of just lecturing. The students are able to take on an active role in the learning process. Professors also build personal relationships with their students and learn their career aspirations. It makes it easier for students to have their career questions answered and for professors to learn the true potential of each student.


The best thing about my school is the environment as a whole (including the scenery, students and faculty). They are the pieces that make Ramapo College of New Jersey what it is today. Living on campus is a peaceful experience, surrounded by woods. Whether it is joining a club/organization or going to a public event, a student will have no problem finding a friend. And the majority of faculty and staff that I got to know are approachable and really encourage students to try to go out and have hands-on experience to understand their major or class better.


Ramapo's attentive professors are the best thing about the school. The majority of professors at the college have had experience in the filed they're teaching so they know their stuff. I've never had a problem getting in contact with a professor when I've need to.


The comfortable atmosphere on campus- even for commuters.


The social life. everyone just loves to hang out.


I love how the classes are small and the professors really care about each individual's success. It's easier for me to learn in a class of 12 than in a large lecture hall. Students get to know each other better, and can therefore learn from and help each other.


The small classes make it possible to students to build personal relationships with professors, which isn't possible at larger schools with big lecture classes. We are often able to get extra help from our professors, not just from student tutors.


Ramapo College of New Jersey has plenty of activities that tend to the needs of our "somewhat" diverse population. There are relgious organizations (Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, Catholics at Ramapo United, etc), Philosophy Club, Varsity/intermural sports, fraternities/sororities, student government association, resident assistant jobs, specific major organizations (Nursing Club, Biology Club, etc), Brothers Making a Difference, Ebony Women. While all of these organizations attract different types of people, our college is able to work together and form many activities for the numerous clubs on campus. It is really satisfying to see that Ramapo has a common goal; Building a community.


At my college, The best thing has to be interacting with different social groups. Its nice to meet different cultures and others of different ethnice backgrounds instead of sticking to your own culture. Its a great learning experience. So far, I have met many people who have different backgrounds and I am friends with them and room with them.