Randolph-Macon College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Randolph-Macon College is very family oriented., and is all about making connections.


Randolph Macon College is friendly, small, and challenging.


Located in the quaint town of Ashland, the beatiful low stress environment adds to the wonderful festive and party atmosphere.


It is very rigourous; however you learn a lot from teachers who actually want you to do well; aslo, it has small class sizes, so teachers can better focus their attention on you.


Friendly small knit place where you will makes friends that last a lifetime.


Randolph-Macon College has a "work hard - play hard attitude" so do both to the fullest of your ability and you will succeed and make memories.


Randolph-Macon College is a small liberal arts college with friendly upper middle class students and wonderful professors to support them.