Randolph-Macon College Top Questions

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The school is small which allows everyone to get to know each other. You will know your professors and they will know you.


Randolph-Macon College is unique compared to other schools because of the small-town atmosphere. The school only has around 1300 students and the campus is moderately small making it feel more like a small town community rather than an area full of buildings in which no one knows each other. This allows for class sizes to be smaller which gives students the ability to make one-on-one connections with their professors, and therefore, get more out of each class.


The small classes and the professors. The professors really care about the students, they are on campus as much as the students and they don't live here! Professors provide you with multiple ways to get in touch with them including home and cell numbers, they are extremely devoted to the progress and sucess of the students. They are fexible and adaptable to different classroom personalities and leanring styles.


Greek life is 60 % of the campus life. Itsenjoyable and its not all about drinking, its about bond and friendship that can last the rest of your life.


This school is a small community school; only about 1,200 students go here. The class sizes are small; ranging from 15-20 students in each class. It's a more personal college since it is so small. It gives us a liberal arts education letting us expand our minds and then use that for our specific field.


It's small and pretty and the heart of the town. All the other schools I looked at were massive compared to RMC and it is why in the end I choose to attend.