Randolph-Macon College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Fun-lovin; White; upper-middle class to lower-upper-class


Those who are really interested in recieving an extremely good education. Must work hard to maintain a strong academic life, along with social life. Those who enjoy smaller, close-knit communities where everyone is very friendly. Involvment on campus is not mandatory, but encouraged. Most students are middle-upper class, preppy. Very fun school, welcoming, and great academically.


I think anyone who is motivated to do well academically and likes a challenge. Also, someone who is friendly, social, and outgoing since the campus is nice and small. Any athlete will really like the atmosphere on campus since it is a small school and most people know who the athletes are.


Someone who like a small environment, where you do get to know everyone on campus. Where you can get one on one with your professor if necessary.


A person who wants to receive a liberal arts education. One will definitely take a variety of classes of different disiplines and everything usually combines back into the one disipline you want to major in. A person who wants to receive a great education and also have a good time should come here.