Randolph-Macon College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


If you are the type of person who wants partying to be your major, you will fail out of this school. Yes, there are plenty of oppurtunities for a social life but RMC is very tough academically. If you are not good at balancing your time and you don't like having a personal connection with your teachers and your community, you probably would not want to come here.


If you dont hve good time management skills, or the will power to work hard; you sould avoid this school.


This is a mostly conservative school with religion ranging 98% Catholic, 2% other. Liberal students should keep their views to themselves.... they'll see controversy in normal conversations for them.


A person who is not academically focused on school work. If the person only enjoys partying and having fun then they would most likely flunk out or have lower GPA's. Anyone who does not accept people for who they are because evey campus has students and each student is unique in their own way. Therefore a person has to be open to different personalitys and characteristics.


If you are not interesting in diversifying your studies this is not for you.


A person that does not like to be social should not come here.