Randolph-Macon College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Randolph-Macon is the set up of the semesters. Instead of coming in mid to early august for the fall semester, taking most of December and January off, then coming back for spring semester, we come at the beginning of September, take a few weeks off before and after January, allowing the month of January to be dedicated to a single class, then come back for spring term to be finished in mid-May. This allows students to be able to fit more classes into a single academic year.


I think that the best thing about my college is how small it is. I love the small college air, and that everyone knows each other and everyone knows the professors. It is easy to talk to the professors and to get to know them and do better in their classes because the student to professor ratio is very small.


The absolute best thing about Randolph Macon College is the small quiet atomosphere. Every class that I take there is an average of 14-16 people. This is a huge advantage because it allows for a lot of personal attention between the students and professors.


The best thing about Randolph-Macon is the class sizes. The largest class that I have had is 16 people. This allows you to get to know the faculty and the others in your class. Also you have many classes with the same people so it is easier to study for exams.


The resources and tunnel vision toward being sucessful. Everything is geared toward helping you as a person grow individually and academically, and the resources available are fansatsic to helping students gain confidence to be sucessful. The student body is concerned with learning and takes the initiative to learn on their own and to ask professors for guidance. This environment makes you want to learn more and try harder to grasp the concepts at hand. At R-MC, the whole person is vauled and you are very much an individual that professors, students, staff and administrators remember just after one introduction.


I think the class sizes are the best part. They are small enough that you can have lectures and discussioins daily. The professors know you personally and therefore are more willing to help you and out. They know the kind of person you are, so they really will do anything to make sure you succeed.


Greek life, unity is important in this school find a crowd and your set, either be on a sports team or involved in a sorority or fraternity.


Definitely the small class sizes. With about 15 students to one teacher it really enables you to have a mone indepth class time of question and answer. The faculty and staff also really have a heart for the students which is wonderful to see.


The professors and faculty make this school incredible. They are always available to help clarify and discuss material, suggest additional exercises to strengthen lessons, and to support all of the students in any academic or personal aspect. It amazed me how involved the professors got in the students' lives outside of the classroom, each seems to take a genuine interest in our personal successes. Because of them, R-MC has a reputation for having a tight-knit family feel, and I truly believe it is because the faculty and professors enthusiastically pour a considerable amount of themselves into our lives.