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Raritan Valley Community College

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My school is one of the most afforable schools in my entire state. As a two-year institution and community college it provides a wonderful education for a fraction of the price. Without having the opportuinity to attend such an affordable school I may have never been a college student. I would have, like my parents, joined the work force after high school. Now as a begging to transfer out of my two-year school into a four-year university, I am feeling a great stress regaurding my future student debt. A stress I avoided in my two-year school.

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I chose this school my senior year due to the fact that it was a community college and I would be saving a lot of money. If one chooses to attend this school you save money and will get a great education too. If your like me, you will be able to figure out your career path with the wide array of subject choices.

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The classes offered by the school appealed to me, the other local community didn?t offer the same art classes I wanted to take as RVCC does.

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