Rasmussen University-Brooklyn Park Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I actually attend Rasmussen in Blaine, but your drop down menu didn't list it as a school. Blaine and Brooklyn Park offer the same program that I am currently enrolled in. I cannot think of anything because the faculty and staff at this school worked with me closely in the beginning and prepared me for all that I was going to expect during my studies here. I believe that my current 4.0 GPA goes to show I have been well-prepared to be an excellent student at this school!


Before attending Rasmussen College, I wished I had known how wonderful the college was and how helpful the faculty members were from each department. I wished started my college experience immediately with Rasmussen because each of their programs are designed for students to learn all the necessary courses to accomplish their degree instead of wasting time and money on classes not needed for their choice in careers. I also wished I knew all available grants & loans that I can apply for instead of worrying about not being able to afford college.