Rasmussen University-Eagan Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


The advise I would give myself if I could back in time and talk to myself as high school student would be to take this seriously. Apply yourself NOW, do good in school. Do not leave, ditch or drop-out. Apply yourself NOW in high school, you could have easily been anything you wanted. High school is not hard, teens are mean, just ignore them, keep to yourself and the "friends" you have NOW are going to grow-up into nothing. Those that you wished you were- grew-up to be nothing. The "nerds" with the awesome grades actually make something out of themselves when they are adults. Do the work and do everything you can to get more education and activities under your belt. Your going to have 3.58 or better when in college, and wish you did this good now. Save your money! Dont buy anything that is not needed, open a savings account and SAVE! That way you can buy a house and car. Do NOT get tons of credit cards and spend like no tomorrow. Your smarter then this, do not let your mother get in your way and bring you down with her.


I would have a lot of advice to offer if given the chance to revisit myself as a high school senior. First, I would have to say is do not take a year off school. Although the intention might be good but the reality of going back to is slim. Don?t be terrified of failure! I would tell myself that you can do anything you put your mind to. You just need to believe in yourself. I definitely would remind myself to pay close attention and know that is ok to ask for help. Asking a question is ok. The teachers are there willing to help. I would tell myself it is ok to be who you are. Don?t be afraid of what people might think. Stick up for the kid who is getting picked on for it is the right thing to do and you just might change her life. I would cherish the time of little responsibilities and no debit. Enjoy the time and freedom you have with your friends. Everyone seems to go their separate ways. Don?t take one minute for granitite. After all, this chapter of my life is about to be closed.


I really wish I would have gone back to school sooner. I have wanted to go back for the last ten years, I dropped out of school as a senior. I have two older brothers and an older sister who also dropped out of school, and it just seemed part of the family destiny that I would fail as well. Many times I thought I could achieve something greater in life, but I was always too scared to try. Now that I am back in school I am amazed that it took me so long. If I could go back in time I would tell myself this: It isn't always going to be easy, but every person has the capability to change their future for the better!


If I could go back in time I would give myself the following advice. I would advise myself to concentrate more on taking extra classes and participating in community activities to promote myself on my college applications. I would also suggest to myself to start college right after high school instead of moving out of my parent?s house and getting a job. I was worried about how my parents or I would pay for college and didn?t realize how easy it was to get financial assistance for school so I lost out on 10 years of getting side tracked with work and not completing my education. I think it would have been beneficial to spend more time with my student councilors trying to plan out my college experience but it always felt like there were too many kids in my graduating class and there was never enough time for all of us. Overall I would have told myself to be more focused on what my future would have in store so I could have planned for it better.


As a high school senior I was taking classes full-time at a local college and, at the time, it was my perogative to continue flying through my post-secondary education. Looking back, although I cherish all of my time in each of my institutions, I wish I had taken the time to explore multiple fields while I was receiving financial aid and had the opportunity to take extra classes. I would now give my 18-year-old self the advice to take my time and take classes that weren't part of my degree, gain a more thorough understanding of culture by getting involved in the community, to study abroad, and engage in activities and school groups that throw me into college life. I missed out on many experiences because graduation was my goal, instead of the much larger heading of development and real-world experience. I would also give myself the advice to go through with the corny, get-to-know-each-other events at orientation, because the necessity to meet new people from all walks of life will only become greater as life goes on.


If I were going back in time to when I was a senior in high school I would have some advice to give to myself, hopefully I would listen. I would tell myself that there are a lot of people out there that want me to succeed. If I have difficulties that I should turn to a school professional for advice, counseling, or possibly tutoring. I would also want to say, don?t quit. There are solutions to any problems that may arise. Pursue the solutions, pursue your future.


The advice I would have gave myself, is to keep on with school, instead of taking a break and take advantage of the post secondary programs to go to college early.


I would change what I did when I first graduated high school. I went to Rasmussen right out of high school but like a dummy I dropped out and just got a job. And 20 years later I went back to school because in order to get a good paying job in accounting I needed to get my degree. Even though I had 3 years in AP and 3 years in AR but the company I worked for down sized so I was out of a job and could not get a job in that field unless I got my degree. So I would tell myself that life maybe short but if you want to make something of yourself go to collage and get your degree so you can get a good paying job. Don't wait thinking that you can just get a job to work you won't really get a job of your dreams unless you work for it.