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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Assuming that I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, my advice would be to take as many courses as possible, instead of sitting back, and coasting through my senior year. If I would have took a math or science course in my senior year I wouln't have to take them in college. I was too worried about having fun and getting through my last year instead of focusing on my years to come. Having that background knowledge I would have gotten with those courses would have helped me with multiple courses I decide to take now that I am in college. Overall my main advice is to take advantage of what your high school tells you and the resources they give you, because in the end it really does matter.


Currently I have completed a year of college, and have learned much through my experiences, especially the fact that I could've made some different choices during my senior year of high school. A major choice I wish I could change is due to the fact that throughout high school, and even during my senior year, I doubted my ability to succeed in college, and so chose mostly basic courses, with a few CP and one AP course. However, I see now that I am able to complete college work, and so should have pushed myself harder during my senior year, taking more AP courses. Even though I had one AP class, and succeed in this class, I chose to not take the AP exam, since I thought I wouldn't be able to pass the test with a high score, in order to in turn gain college credits for the course taken. I wish I would've taken the AP exam, for the class I was enrolled in, as well as the others I should've taken, and so could've completed several college credits, and be able to further my education in my major, which is elementary education.


I would defintely studier hardier and take my schooling serious and my teacher seious. Life is so hard and it is so important to go to college and get a degree now a days. I wish I would of study harder on my test and harder on my homework and in my studyhall times also. I would encourage the kids to time advantage that they have this time and use it wisely because it will never come back to them.

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