Red Rocks Community College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


They are all very determined, nice, social, funny, fun, and very helpful.


Diverse group of ages, backgrounds and goals.


my classmates are very energetic.


My classmates seem to be a mixture of people very close to my personal lifestyle and my age group, as well as many young fresh out of high school. All in all, I would have to describe my classmates as my peers who have a passion for life in the Rockies and that they love living, playing, and learning in Colorado. I want to be friends with them all! Please help me discover the oppurtunity.


My classmates are fun to be around with and in class they are serious about learning.


my class mates are really focused yet fun and outgoing when it comes to their schooling. They show that they are really intrested in the particular major they choose.