Red Rocks Community College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


It is very affordable and works really well with your schedule. There are so many classes you can take and different types too. There are even late-starting classes incase you missed the beginning of the semester to register.


how nice and up to date with technology the school is.


I am not much of a bragger.


I rarely brag about my school to my friends, as many of them already attend. However, when I talk about school, I'm most excited about Spanish class. My Spanish professor, is an amazing professor. He teaches how to use the language, not just translate it. He pushes you to learn the language in all aspects. As a result, you automatically learn to translate and can actually use it. He cares about his students, you aren't just a number in a classroom. Because of this experience I've decided to double major with Spanish as my second major.


The school is in a convenient location and has decent student services.


When I talk to my friends about the school I am attending all i say is if you wnat to save money start at my school and than transfer. Once again my school is a community college so if your family does not have money to afford a four year college its a great place to start education. I say go to this school because you can get same education but for alot less money.


I tell me friends that my professors are willing to help me and to teach me all they know. I am so glad the instructors are always around the school and genuinely interested in educating, it is nice to know someone is there to share in my educational hardships but the mentor me and help me to move through them while acquiring the skills that i need to enter the work force.


The weekend classes. They are fun, fast, and intense. I'm better at learning fast paced and they are perfect for that. Three weekends, 6 six days - usually including at least one field trip. The teachers try to vary their teaching style and incoporate several ways to learn in order to keep the students attention for the long classes which helps mix up the day and make it go by faster.


The academics are excellent and the instructors are incredible. The college offers a wide range of classes and has the appropriate size classes.