Redlands Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Don't let yourself become overwhelmed with the thought of moving on to college. It will make things seem so much harder than they really are! Remember your GPA from the beginning of your freshmen year. It is so important to do your best in order to have good grades on your college transcript. Prepare yourself for plenty of studying and hard work but, remember to have fun with your peers! Get involved! Don't exclude yourself from campus activities. Attend all of the fun things that you can and make new friends! Apply for scholarships now because it will make things so much less stressful. Save all the money you can for school now so that you are more prepared for the years to come. Also be sure to keep your options open by applying to a few different schools of choice rather than getting your hopes up for only one school. College is a fun experience and don't let it be ruined by tough professors. Do everything you can to succeed and remember that you should love whatever you choose to study. The more you love it, the more you will enjoy what you're studying.


Instead of joining the ARMY join the Air Force, they treat their people like humans. Immediately after your enlistmet is up start college, you will be better off more than just financially. It will be tempting, but do not do more than two heavy courses at a time, make sure you take advantage of the electives you choose. Overloading yourself will make you want to quit. College can be fun, even if there is a lot of homework. It is worth the time and effort so put in the time and make the effort. Make sure you have fun, but do your homework first. Knowledge is power, the more you know, the more you Know.


If I were a high school senior looking for a school to begin my journey of adulthood and resposibility; I would live by three rules. First, I would be social. Joining groups, teams, intermural sports, living in a dorm, anything to get to know people and expand your network. Next, I would buy my books off amazon! Amazon's books are much cheaper then the campus bookstore. In order to do this you must plan ahead. Knowing your class scedule and required books will make the proccess very easy and your books will arrive in time for the first day of class. Third, do not cut class. It is such a bad habbit to start and you will fall behind. College is a chance to grow and learn so much. These are my tips to you. I hope they help!


I would tell myself to choose my roommate wisely. Just because you're best friends and you practically lived together the summer before college does not mean that you will be fine living together in college. It does not seem like it would be that big of a deal, but as I have come to find out it really can affect you. It can cause a lot of unnecessary stress. I would also be sure to tell myself to show my parents how much I love them and respect them. You have to grow up in college and it is not all that fun at first. I have a new found respect for both of my parents and everything they do. Juggling school, work, and church activities has proven to be a huge challenge. Things are not just handed to you anymore, you have to take care of things yourself. College is harder than high school and you cannot expect a teacher to accept some silly little excuse. The professors could not care less your reason for not having your essay. They will just give you a lovely zero. But most of all, just don't stress out so much.