Reed College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Well, at Reed it is popular to brag about one's work load: how many pages you read oer week or how many papers, problem sets, or labs you have to do. So, when taking to outsiders one still tends to emphasize these things.


The amount of work, the over-the-top social life.


When I tell my friends about Reed, I mostly mention how much fun I am having in my classes. Not only am I learning a lot of interesting stuff, but the information is presented in a variety of formats, each designed to catch different foci.


I once saw a unicorn at Reed College.


The academics and the pull to not only study but become well rounded human beings. Many schools, like the University of Chicago, pride themselves on their strong academics. Reed not only does that but they also provide outdoor trips, skiing, dancing, cultural activies such as going to the Opera and the like for free to Reed students and alumni. It is fabulous and wonderful. Study hard, work hard, and enjoy the world around you. It is quite fabulous.


The liberal environment and incredible dedication to intellectual pursuit.


Intelligent and intellectual student body, lack of recalcitrant reactionaries, fun even when nothing's going on, good friends, diverse attitudes