Reed College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The stress culture at Reed is unbelievable. There is a lot of work, and you are expected to do it all well, and thoroughly. However, it can get annoying when some students bitch about it. I'd rather just shut up and do my work than complain about it.


I wish people here were more friendly. As it is, I very rarely have someone I pass on campus smile back at me, or even make eye contact. Students can also be pompous, but that's not everyone.


Few students here can manage to have lives outside of academics at this school. It takes a ton of energy to keep up with the work load. If you have a hobby that is a major part of your life, it is not possible to manage the academics at Reed.


The lack of diversity racially, politically, and at times even academically, in terms of how many classes they offer within each department.