Reedley College Top Questions

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The unique thing I consider about my school is their staff. The professors at our school are wise, experienced, patient, and fun to learn from. They make learning alot easier for us, because they try to get to know us before judging our work. My professors always have a smile on their face when walking in to the beggining of class, making us feel interested on what they are going to teach in class, and relaxed, because we feel comftorble, but not tense on taking the class. Futhermore, I see my peers experiencing the same outcome as I.


What is unique about my school is that it is located in a small city, surrounded by fields that is why we are the best in agriculture. Another thing is the people. The people in Reedley College are friendly the staff will work with students. So far i have not seen any staff be rude to any student that makes me feel comfortable in this college. All in all, Reedley College is a good community college not only because we have friendly people but also because the instructors are extermely good at they're job.


Everbody knows everbody which is helpful when your ina bind. The flip part of that is you cant get away with anything.


What I really liked about Reedley College was their distinguished business department. The professors not only know their subject, but demonstrate great leadership and have achieved something in their life whether it be opening their own business, investing in one, investing in stocks, or helping students to develop their own business plans and go for them. They are always available and willing to answer any questions and are very personable, as well as relatable. The business department at Reedley College has had produced many success stories; in my opinion, it is top notch.


The one thing that makes my school unique is its size. It is a small school, but very intimate. This is very beneficial academically because if one of us needs help in a certain subject or have a particular question about a Professor we can feel comfortable to simply ask any student due to the fact we may already know the person and that student may already have taken the class and can give advice on how to pass the class.


It is located in a small city of 23,000 people. The counselors are very helpful . It has an Upward Bound program to help disadvantaged /low-income high school students to academically graduate from high school and aspire to enter college. It has an agriculture program unique to the central valley. It also has a unique Healthcare Spanish Interpreter's Certification Program, Home Health Aide Program.


Willow International is a small campus that is included in the make-up of Reedley College. This campus is awesome the staff and students are so friendly. Always willing to go above and beyond to give us the most accurate recent information available concerning college topics. The technology that this center has readily available to its students is not presented in no other Jr. College in the state.


I attend Willow International Center in Fresno, CA, which is part of Reedley College. Since this center is fairly new, everything is located in just one building right now (although an additional building is under construction). Because everything is all in once place, it makes it easy to get to classes, talk to a counselor, go to the library or student services, etc.