Reedley College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag about the social envrionment of the campus as a whole. I have met some of the best persons at Reedley College that I have become close friends with. I also belive that the acedemics at Reedley College are excellent as well as challenging that have really made attending each class worthwhile for me.


I brag about how beautiful the campus and the weather is here. You also get that one on one time with the teachers here when in need. Oppurtunities would be the biggest thing to brag about here, it offers alot of maijors.


When I'm having a conversation with my friends I brag about how Reedley College is a really good community college. The school offers a lot of programs and certificates as well as Associate Degrees. The activities they have during the year are fun and excitting always look forward towards them. Also, how they always have so much information to give and they brng guest speakers to inform us about things we did not know the school had or other places offered.


It's small, yet I'm graduating Madera Community college with my associates in Registered Nursing in May 2014. Finacial aid got me through all of my prereq's classes and also the LVN program and now the LVN-RN program. I will leave this school making 35-45 dollars hourly at a jobsite that I accomplished here in a community college.


When I brag about my school to my friends I'm usually being sarcastic. There's not much to be proud of at Reedley College. The only thing that I might brag about is the honors program that I am in at RC.


It is a nice small community college to save money and complete your general education requirements and get an AA before transferring to a 4 year college.


I brag about the wealth of information available to us. I tell them all the knowledge in the world , is in the earth we just have to seek it. You might here quit often that college or obtaining a degree does not gurantee success, but it will give you the innovative ideas to create an enterprise and obtain wealth. Never underestimate the power of knowledge.