Reedley College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself that everything is possible and that if I want to apply to a university to try because you might never know they might end up accepting you. That I need to believe in myself that I can do it and need to think positive and do try new things.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior. The advice I would give myself; is I would only worry about getting good grades, being athletic by being in a sport, and having been more involved in my high school's social events, because you only experience high school once. I basically wouldn't worry about being popular among my peers, and having a boyfriend. I would care more about my academic status, than my personal status. However, now that I'm in college I have kind of seen the scene of college life, because I have experienced my college's school work and it seems hard compared to my high school's work. So I would have studied alot more, and done alot more note taking for my classes, because now I am kind of struggling with my college's school homework. Futhermore, I honestly would have taken life skill classes when I was in high school, like for instance I would have taken a leadership, cooking, and sewing class, because those classes have skills that I need now in my life, because I am an adult now.


Don't focus so hard on achieving certain things because you may blind yourself from things that are a better fit for you. Keep your eyes and mind open. Don't get down about the things that don't work out, you'll be surprised at what opportunities come about once you stop being depressed about your best laid-plans that failed. Stay humble, the only thing you can count on in life is that everything is bound to change at one point or another. If all the doors of opportunity are closed, break through a wall and create your own passage to opportunities. Don't let negative words get to your head. You know yourself better than anyone. If they can't see all the great things you are, then find people that do. Don’t' be scared to believe in something and make things happen, even if you're going in it alone. Don't let the hardships of life make you forget your dreams and passions. Remember that it's a huge world out there and you can find the things you hope for and if you don't, you have the capabilities to create it.


If I were to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, the advice I would give myself would be to get involved as much as you can with your campus and in extracurricular activities. Don't slack off in any subject because they all effect grades and might even have an impact as to which subject or career interests you the most. Also, try and figure your strengths and interests to make choosing a college degree easier to avoid wasting any college time. Set realistic goals for yourself to avoid any mental and physical stress. Really get to know you professors because they are more helpful than you may think. Make some great friends that will not cause you to fall behind in your academics. Encourage one another to succeed. Join campus clubs that may pertain to your interests. Do volunteer work and community service for the good of yourself but to others first. Try to have a balanced social and academic life in the best way possible. Check school emails and stay on top of course material and updates posted by professors to avoid any unnecessary confusion and/or frustrations.


MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A CAR OR RELIABLE TRANSPORTATION! I say that in all caps and end it with an exclamation mark because it is very important that you have a way to get to school. After I graduated high school, my mother bought me a car but I got in a wreck and totaled my car so I had to take a semester off of school until I got another car. Once I got my other car bad luck got attactched to me and I got in another wreck and had to be finding a ride to school. It's not fun, constantly having to bug your friends for rides. Also make sure you understand that you are not in high school anymore, college is not a game it is meant to be taken very seriously to allow us to further our education and become successful in life. Learn how to save your money for expenses that financial aid may not cover, or textbooks that may cost more than what you get a semester. Finally, just learn to take college seriously, it is not a joke. Some of us actually want to learn and get somewhere in life.


My advive to my self if i can some how how travel back in time would be to enjoy my senior year have the most fun at events and not worry so much on what others though about me. Just be my teen self and enjoy high school as my last few years of chilled/teen years. I would love to have more beutiful memories to look back at with a smile of joy or happynes rather than being so uptight or shy. Today as a grown woman I realise how important memories are so I tend to make my days memorable surrounding myself with pleasant people joining clubs to have that good feeling of being part of something once again.


If I had the opportunity to go back in time and talk to my-self my freshmen year about the transition to college, I would stress developing excellent work ethics in the class room. With excellent work ethics comes great grades and test scores, with great grades and test scores opens a wide variety of college opportunities. My second advice would be to get involved with a lot of college clubs. Getting involved with these clubs would make the transition to a college a lot easier, they prepare you for it and they also help get you exposed by different colleges. If I could go back in time and give myself these two advices I believe my chances to getting in to a university would have been greater.


If i can go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior i would give myself so many advice. The teachers in high school do not really prepare you for college. I would tell myself to sign up and register for different scholarships because now that I am in college I am always broke. Some classes require us to buy books and those books can be very expensive the finacial aid helps but only so certain things. I would also tell myself to start thinking of a career, and do something I really love. I took a vacation from school because I was confused I did not know what to expect or what career I wanted. Looking into different careers since I was a senior in high school could been the best thing to do maybe i would of been out and about with a degree in my hands. Lastly, there will always people who will try to put me down but i would tell myself not to pay any attention to them because im going to college for my family and for myself. Peoples opinion do not matter. Do what you want and live life.


You about to embark on a grand adventure; prepare yourself but don't stress out. Enjoy the journey; it'll be a long one but you'll accomplish so much. Don't let others drag you down, don't let them steal your joy. Be you; that's all that matters.


My story with highschool was not always a good one. I live in a small town with my family in a house I lived in since I was a little girl. My story is hard to explain on paper and to many people but the memories I have are not forgettable. During my teenage years I wasnt always looking forawrd to my future instead I just lived for the present. I faced alot of hard outcomes in my life that made me the strong person I am today. I realied once my baby brother was born and diagnosed with having autism I could not act in such childish, careless was anymore. I needed to be the example for him to look up to. Growing up I know now that all of my actions in life have a consequence and only I can be the one to make the right decision and follow the right path.


Knowing what I know now about college life and making the transition I would tell myself to stop caring about what other people think about me and to do what makes me happy. The truth is other people are too worried about themselves to worry about you. As a result of this I would have had a bigger social net to network with and would have met the people who would not only encourage me to go to college but help me make it a reality. That and start looking for scholarships. You can never start too early or accumulate too much.


If i could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would advise myself to put forth all of my effort to do well in my courses. High school was a breeze because not much was expected from students. I would tell myself to take full advantage of the resources that were being handed to me on a silver platter, such as the tutorials and BTC sessions that were offered daily. Also, get to know my professors and participate more in class. Getting to know my professors better would have allowed me to be confident in asking questions in order to know exactly what they wanted when it came to assignments and essays. College has so many opporunities to join extracurricular activities that enable students to meet others and develop lasting relationships with those that are in the same field of interest. I would tell myself to get involved and meet new people because there is always something to learn from them and they make good study buddies when class concepts get tough. Overall, I would want to go back and tell myself to try harder and get involved.


If I could go back in time, the advice I would tell myself would be that education is the most important thing you need in life. Instead of goin to a private college I wish I could told myself to go to a community college instead, its better in my poimt of view compare to the high paying cost of a private institution. Also, I would of never dropped or taken semesters off college, time is too precious to be wasting it on foolish things that wont get you no where. School comes before anything, and by having a degree many doors open. If you are goin to start something don't finish it and if you don't know what your real passion is don't stop going to school ask or find out about the many different degrees they are out there. But, either way im proud im back into school and this time I know better and I aint going to let no obsticle how big get in the way of me having a degree and a successful carreer in the next few years.


To make a smooth transition from high school to college I would tell myself to slow down. Do not be in such a rush to go to college and already have a major chosen. Go to college and find yourself. Your away from your Grandparents , your away from any authority ,all your conscious decisions are under your control. Take control of your actions and be able accept the responsibilities that come with being on your own. With that being said do not procrastinate. If there is anything you are unable to understand ask! no-one is going to make you do anything. Under any circumstance do not give up on college! I would tell myself that your going to fail, but to only to make this failure fuel to your fire to keep thriving and looking for more resources to help you overcome the challenges you face. I would tell myself to get in the habit of being on time to class and to make sure your sitting in the front row. Exceed the teachers expectations, so that you can earn the A you rightfully deserve. Go above and beyond by taking your time and doing things the right way.


Don't think that your just not smart enough for school and continue straight to college. Being a latina raised by Mexico born parents doesn't mean there isn't financial assistance for you. Life only takes you as far as your knoweledge goes. Knowelege truely is the key to success and happiness. You can't make a life out of minimum wage with the dreams of becoming a mother of 5. A big family is and always has been a goal of yours, and in order to own a home big enough to fit your family, and wealthy enough to feed them all, you must get a career and hold it. Community colleges are not to be ashamed of and they are especially not a waste of time...You can get a great career from one and you can come out with a degree to support your big family and big home dream. But don't stop there. continue dreaming, get your BS and then your Master's and if God allows you get your NP and help those in need in your community. Give back. You have all the time in the world, you just need the will.


Now that i have college experience i really see what it feels like to really have to work hard. I see that making a career out of myself is going to take a lot of work and it made me realize that am ready to put in all my time and effort into it. It also gave me alot of encouragement to work hard and make something of myself because all i want to do is make my parents proud and to one day be able to provide for them as they did for me all my life. I see life as more valueable and important because i want to be known as somebody who went to school, worked hard , and never gave up. College made me see that the only way i will ever become somebody important is if i start now by going to school, study alot,and move toward my goal in life. College isn't about partying with your friends and making bad choices it's all about STUDY STUDY STUDY. I focus on my goal and strive to achieve . All am looking forward to is the day my parents say there proud of me.


I would remind myself to not indulge in the temptations of senior year. In Reedley High School, I saw my senior year as an end to a chapter of my pursuit of education. I should have never viewed it as that. As mcuh as I reassured myself, high school is nothing compared to the real world. If I could go back in time, I would force myself to maintain exeptional grades and not to let them down. but if i could tell myself anything, it would be to not get catch "senior-itis." The ditching, the parties, and all of the sociallizing that presents temptations to many seniors is foolish. I had to learn it the hard way that all of these things were shallow and they kept me from seeing the deeper purpose of senior year. i would tell myself to end my high school year presenting my best side. possible


I would tell myself not to rule out a four year university, and work really hard to research schools and find scholarships. I would also tell myself to lighten up socially. Lastly, I would tell myself to sell all of my real estate holdings before the fall.


Take advantage of all the knowledge possible. Do you very best on the ACT , attend practice camps and don't cut any corners trying to grow up fast and support yourself. Go to college, get the four year degree and most of all do something you love and are good at.


If I could go back in time and be able to talk to myself as a high school senior, I would have told myself to take the scholarship opportunity seriously. Even though all my fees I am facing are minimal compared to Uuniversity fees, it is very difficult paying for them all on my own. Also, I would say that the community college lifestyle isn't for me. My life right now is too similar to one of a high school student; go to school, come home do homework, have dinner, go to bed. If I had filled out scholarships and applied for Cal grants then I would have been enrolled in my dream college, UC Berkley.


I would balance studying , activities, and friends more wisely. Grades are so very important for obtaining scholarships to a good college or university ; you do not want to borrow/be in debt. I would worry less about peer pressure because they're not the ones that go with you to college; or be stuck with a low-income job without a degree. I would not get so consumed with a girlfriend because that takes away your focus and time for attending college and becoming/doing something more than the menial jobs; and people do change, so it'll be wise not to get involved with another person in high school; and you do not need the extra responsibility of a baby/family at 17/18 years old. I would keep focused on studying and volunteer in something I might be interested in to see whether I want to major in it, such as being a dentist or running a business, etc.. Also, finding a part-time job will help save towards college and a car. And always be respectful and grateful to my parents and instructors for helping me become all that I am today.


If I could go back in time I would tell myself don't give up and do all of the work even though I'm not the smartest student I can still get good grades and study hard. The scholarships will always be around, but it's better to start earily and get them done, the SAT/ACT test are important to take, and just to get a little bit more money for school it's a very good idea to get a job. Even though you have a lot of free time in and out of college be smart about the time to set aside for homework and to study, so that your brother and sister can see the examlpe your stetting for them about college. And all of the extra activities are a big help when it comes out to applying to colleges and makes you feel better about yourself knowing that you did all of that help.


Don't cheat yourself, your life is in your hands, you can navigate in either direction Nicole. Instead of taking electives, leaving school early, take some college level classes. Avoid the pitfalls of college by talking to counselors, professors, parents and former students. Stay healthy and use your time wisely and make wise well though out decisions. Don't worry about having a boyfriend. He will only distract you get you off your course and the next thing you know he's with you best friend. Go straight to college from high school and press on.


Advice to self: "Meredith, you need to understand that there are many ways to achieve your goals." Prior to my senior year, I had assumed that I would be going away to a big university when I graduated. Things happen; life changes. A few weeks before my senior year, I was in a nearly fatal car accident. I was in a coma for ten days, had a brain injury and required major surgery to reconstruct my shattered pelvis. It was six months before I could walk independently. It was the toughest, most painful experience of my life, but I got through it and graduated in June 2009. I am currently in the Honors Program at Willow International Center, and earned a 3.77 for the first semester. Community college made sense for me for both medical and financial reasons and it has turned out to be a good transition from high school. I will transfer to a university after two years to complete my degree. It is a different route for my college education than I had anticipated, but my advice to myself (and any other senior) is to be open to alternatives. There are many ways to be successful.