Reedley College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


It seems like its High School all over again, people still bullying others and doing childish things to one another. It frustrates me since college is a place where we tend to find who we will become, learn and succeed in life.


All of the students who act like they are still in high school, all the people who smoke on campus-it is unhealthy for nonsmokers-and the fact that there is no security. We propably get security once a month if we are lucky, and then we have no night security, and we feel unsafe when we have to take night classes. This is at the Madera Center.


The most frustrating thing at Reedley College is lack of shade at ower benches on campus. Also very small cafateria.


I am attending an online college, (Art Institute of Pittsburgh) so for me the most frustrating thing was having to get everything straight via telephone and cmputer. Oh course getting use to what is expected online has been a challenge. I would advise a student to attend a physical college or university if at all possible. Online is convenient for those who work but I would prefer to actually be there.I att


The most frustrating thing about Reedley College is the availability for parking. For me to be able to a gain a parking space, I have to start looking for one an half and hour to an hour before my class. Also, there are vehicles that are parked which owners of them have not purchased a parking permit to have the capability to park on campus legally. Even worse, the campus patrol rarely punishes these drivers for doing so. They just drive on by the vehicles.