Regent University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are focused, friendly, and lovers of Christ who are great people.


Students at Regent University are very friendly. The student body is made up of many different ethnic groups, which I believe can be a problem solver for a prejudice environment. I have a hard time imagining a student that might feel out of place at Regent University. At Regent there is no dress code, however in my three years at Regent, I haven't come across anyone who dressed inappropriately to class. Different types of students interact. Students of all different backgrounds interact with each other. Students in the same school or classes hang out together. This is very different from what I've seen in other Universities. I've seen roommates sit together in the dining hall. I've also seen people in the same ethnic group eat together. However here at Regent people in the same classes eat together. They talk about what happened in class. Students at Regent University are from all over the country and the school is considered interdenominational as well as unclassified in regards to politics because it is made up of different people.


As I attend college online I have limited access to my fellow classmates, yet the ones I have met over the internet have been extremely friendly. Its been a good experience all around.


My classmates are driven people who wants to further the kingdom of God.


Very diverse student body; average age for the graduate schools is probably mid 30s. though every age range is represented. Total student body as of Fall 2008 is approximately 5,000 students.


A very civil environment... I can only think of a few examples of real ugliness... for the most part, this place is full of great people, people that I would want to be friends with or have a as neighbors. The whole campus is very involved politically, but also very civil about their beliefs. It's a great environment. I thought it was gonna be a completely Republican environment, but both parties are represented.