Regent University Top Questions

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My school has a strong Christian background and foundation that sets it apart from other schools. It allows all of its students to practice its religion no matter what the differences. This strong Christian background is built into curriculum and education we are given here at Regent. We are immersed in Christian teachings and feel safe to practice our beliefs.


We are a Christian school


I do school online which was completely different from the other schools I looked at. This school also fits perfectly with my worldview and religious views.


Regent has many majors to choose from and with each major, students get to learn more about Christ. Regent is also involved in Washington which appealed to me, being a government major.


The strong Christian environment.


Regent's School of Divinity is a special place. Amazing faculty who care about each student's success, are willing to mentor students, and help them after graduation. Lots of opportunities to grow intellectually and spiritually on this campus.


I've had my beefs with the school, but if I'm really honest with myself, I have to say that this school is an incredible place to grow and learn. It's academically challenging, a great place to build relationships but also to have a family while going to school (I'm married), and the lion's share of people here are people that I like and really want to do something meaningful with their lives, and are trustworthy. The staff, faculty, professors all do their jobs with gusto and they are really there for us, not for them. They really take a servant approach. I've been really impressed in my 3 years here. It's a great place to learn, a great place to work, and a great place to live.


The film school has an awesome equipment office with all the equipment people use in the film industry and there are about 50-60 student sets every semester, so students can gain as much experience as they want.


It is rich in religious tradition.