Regent University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


I think Regent University is very nice and very loving toward its students.


Regent University is amazing. It is a wonderful place to be educated and learn about the Lord while trying to become Christin Leaders who change the world!


I have had an exceptional experience with Regent University. I began online during my junior year of high-school with the Early College program. To put it simply, the program was excellent. With it's help, I was able to graduate high-school with 23 college credits, which put me half-way through my basics. Now I'm an undergrad student and am having the best college experience possible with heavy Christian focus, academic demand, and high character development.


The classes are not as described in the course catalogue. If you are an evangelical, then by all means get your degree at Regent. If you are not a zealot, run away! I lost points for not quoting scripture in me GEOG class have been ostrasized by the department chair of OLAM for not being in love with Pat Robertson. Academic advising is terrible, as is the financial aid office. There is zero accountability and it seems to me that all they care about is your money, which is shocking, because this is supposed to be a Christian University...SHAME.


Regent University is the premier Christian graduate school in America. The University now also offers a full four year undergraduate program as well.


The best thing about Regent is that you are really taken care of here. Every student gets serious face time with academic counselors (not GA's! professors and deans) and there is a lot of effort throughout the entire school to build community. There are no dorms, which I think is a plus because it really is a place to learn not goof off. Regent's amdin is great... I've always had a great time working with the business office and school admin. Very professional and caring... genuinely most of the time. :)