Regent University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The kind of people that should attend this school are Christians who are looking to expand their knowledge in the faith. This university indeeds allows all students to learn about our Savior and bring him into our everyday lives.


Regent University is for anyone who desires a quality education. One doesn't have to be a Christian in order to attend Regent but for those who are Christians the spiritual environment will be a valuable experience. However, the high quality education that is earned at Regent stands on its own apart from its Christian foundation. Regent's Law school has earned rave reviews as well as its department of education and its theology department. In addition, its online degree program has been ranked in the top of its class. If these areas interest you than Regent's for you.


Someone who values a Christian attitude and is willing to apply it in school. I think that you should also have a good idea of what you want to do so that you graduate with the minimum class requirements as this school is on the pricey side.


Someone who wants to include God in their studies and are not afraid of what they believe in.


Someone ficused and prepared to work..


Someone who's more conservative or ok with the school's strong moral convictions. The curriculum is really rigorous, but on internships, businesses have said that we are the most prepared students they've seen.


A person who wants to learn.