Regis University Top Questions

Describe the dorms.


The freshman dorms were very small, and DeSmet was much nicer than O'Connell in my opinion. They weren't the most ideal dorms, but the atmosphere was really nice and the school provides students with a fridge, microwave, and free internet and satellite, which I know is not the case at many schools. The upperclassmen dorms are very nice. I lived in Residence Village last year and it was great. The rooms were bigger, and you only had to share a bathroom with one other person. We also had our own kitchen as well as a washer and dryer in each individual house. It was by far one of the best dorms me or any of my friends at other schools had.


The dorms are pretty standard. For freshmen, I would recommend DeSmet if you don't really like all-white walls (DeSmet's walls are brick). The common rooms in DeSmet are also in the middle of each floor instead of at the opposite ends of the hall like in OConnall. Both dorms are pretty roudy though. They're really made for socialization, which is great during your first year here. I currently live in West Hall, which is a dorm for certain freshmen and upperclassmen. These dorms are suite style and that works well as a room, but the dorm itself really isn't social. People hardly every hang out in the common rooms unless they are doing homework so West is pretty quiet.


The dorms at Regis are in prime condition when you consider those at some other universities. The two freshman dorms are Desmet and O'Connell. I lived in Desmet my freshman year and I loved the red bricked walls lining the inside of every room, as well as the bunk beds, comfy NEW mattresses, and heating/air-conditioning. I was extremely comfortable and O'Connell is similar except has white walls instead of red brick. They both have grassy areas out front for hanging out and are a 1 minute stroll from the quad and the cafeteria.