Regis University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The majority of my classmates genuinely care about the Jesuit mission provided here at Regis, which is to be in service for others and not for self.


The students at Regis at great. Everyone is friendly and always willing to help. There are always smiles on their faces and they are very polite opening the door for you. Students here love the Rocky Mountains and enjoy weekends of skiing and snowboarding as well as enjoying the great sports that Denver has to offer.


It's a Jesuit school, so you'd probably guess that the only people here are middle-class white Catholic kids. But I've honestly met more atheists, Buddhists, and agnostics than I have Catholics on campus and we really get along pretty well. For such a small, private school you can't beat the amount of diversity we have. It is a bit of a 'classier' student kind of school. You don't see too many girls wearing sweats or guys with super sagged pants walking around. People, from all different backgrounds, tend to be more clean cut and professional.


Regis attracts a diverse group of students. Most are academically focused and enjoy the outdoors. People come from all financial backgrounds and lifestyles. Regis provides a very accepting environment that promotes student development and involvement.


At regis there is lots of diversity and I don't think there are any students that would feel out of place here. Even though we are a catholic university there are no pressures of converting to catholicism


Students at Regis are very relaxed with their day to day appearance. Sweats and t-shirts are acceptable and widely worn. The majority of students do not dress-up for class or sports games. We like to save the cute clothes for the weekends and special occasions!


My classmates were all non-traditional, adult students who also worked full-time.


Some are really down-to-earth, Liberal Arts or Politics majors that know a lot about the world and our role in it.; others think that they are God's boone to humanity because they are Nursing or Pre-Med majors; some are just Communications or Art or Business majors that really don't care about schoolwork: they are just here to party; all are easy enough to get along with.


The majority of my classmates seem jovial and full of excitement.


Some are a wee bit snobby/cocky in my view while others are far more tolerable and to my liking.


Peers that are willing to support one another in order to succeed.


Classmates in my experience are somewhat nice, but many times they are very cocky. My experience with the student body has been a rather negative one. Many of the students are closed minded to other religions / races / cultures. They tend to stick to their own group of friends and are very difficult to connect with unless earn their respect. The students in the school are frequently manipulative, so it is best to not socialize with them beyond the classroom environment.


my classmates are friendly, goal motivated.


My classmates are motivated, passionate, very friendly, and intellegent.


There is such a broad range of students that attend Regis, from bookworms to partiers; despite the small size, it is a very diverse school.


Eager and interested to learn and succeed.


They are very courteous and kind to everyone in the class.


very friendly, and enthusiastic about the school and studies