Regis University Top Questions

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They offer unlimted volunteer services that open doors into the business world.


Regis University is about building the next generation leaders. It goal is to educate leaders in service to others. Regis puts it students in the role of teaching others,to get a first -hand understanding of economics,management,leadsership, and business.


The small class sizes and personal attention from the professors is unique and very helpful. The counsellors are focused on helping every student to attain his/her goals and there is extra help everywhere. The school also offers a guaranty that if you do not graduate in 4 years, you can continue to attend until you earn your degree at no extra charge.


I chose Regis University for a few reasons. First, compared to other colleges close to me like The University of Colorado, the price at Regis University was much less. Second, Regis is a highly ranked school in the U.S. and is actually ranked above CU. Thirdly, the classes that I attend are at night and we only have to meet once a week. This helps me so I can still work 40 hours a week and still manage my school work.


very small classroom setting and teachers are helpful and its a private school


Size, character, reputation.


Probably two things: the size, and the focus on social justice/volunteering/giving back. One of the main focuses here is social justice/community service, because Regis is surrounded by a residential community it prides itself on giving back to the community in which we live. Also Regis wants us to not only change the community we live in but impact society in a positive way.


There are small class sizes and the teachers are more helpful, when you ask, than in other schools


The class sizes are small and the professors encourage students to come in during office hours to continue the never-ending scholarly dialogue. It makes me feel like my opinions are valued, and I don't think I could find that anywhere else.


Much smaller, has city life and outdoor life.


The location, Denver is a wonderful and active city


The teachers really care and are very focused on giving each student the best way for that student to learn.