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What do students complain about most?

It not being a big enough school or having a 'crazy' enough party scene. Neither things bother me much- I really enjoy being able to get to know the majority of the campus and knowing that they know me well enough to have my back if something happened. And though it's not a 'huge' party school, Regis kids do party. They just party intelligently, without having so many people get hurt or ruin their lives. We have fun just like everyone else its just more responsible fun than most colleges.

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Students complain mostly about the food services... although, I must say that this year the food is excellent. Last year we were catered by Sodexo - not so good. This year we are catered by Bon Appetite. All of the food is organic and a lot of it is local and is grown (or raised) in Colorado. There are good options are vegetarians and the salad bar is incredible! I am so satisfied with this company.

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