Regis University Top Questions

Why did you decide to go to this school?


I actually decided to go to this school as soon as I saw the Chapel, but really it was mostly about the size of the school, the proximity to downtown and the Honors Program.


I chose Regis mostly based on how much financial aid they gave me. When I narrowed down my choices I was between Regis and Seattle U, both of which gave me a pretty good scholarship. I went to visit both schools and ultimately settled on Regis because I like the feel of the campus much more. I always imagined myself going to a small school with a real campus, which is what I got at Regis, so I chose that one.


I came to Regis University for a couple reasons. One, they have an excellent nursing school; two, it was important for me to move out of Saint Louis and experience some please new; three, I received a great scholarship; and four, the majestic Rocky Mountains were calling my name!!!!

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