Regis University Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


The academics at Regis are great. Teachers know your name and are always accessible. There is emphasis on group work and having study groups as well as a great library that meets all the study of needs of most individuals. Regis is a liberal arts school which focuses on making well-rounded individuals which is done through the core requirements.


At Regis, almost all of your professors will know your name after the first week of classes. Participation is greatly encouraged here and because of this new doors are opened to different types of learning. At Regis, every full time professor is required to offer at least 5 office hours a week. Education at Regis is focused on bettering the whole person. While my major may be accounting, there are many classes taken outside of this subject area that help me be a more well-rounded student and human.


Regis academics are very good as far as I'm concerned. All the professors know your name and most are good about using multiple teaching methods. Most students study nearly every day, at least of the ones I know. I am in the Communications department, and while a lot of my friends think that's the easy way out at college, I think it's a fairly rigorous course load. We have papers every couple of weeks, daily homework, and most of the time attendance in class is necessary to get a good understanding of the topic. I personally have not spent a lot of time with professors outside of class, but I know lots of students do. We have one COM professor who hosts weekly poker nights for his students who are over 21. Even if you don't see the professors out of class, there is still a friend-like relationship with them, at least in the COM department. We all are on first-name basis with the professors which, while it was weird at first, I've grown to appreciate. It's not an extremely competitive school, but everyone participates in class and most seem to really pride getting good grades.


Because of the small size of the school, the professors really get to know you. My advisor, Dr. Palmer, gets an e-mail every time I pretty much do anything. I write a bunch of new poems? He gets them. Then he picks which ones he likes and sends them to my other professors who talk to me about them in class and we get in huge discussions about what I can do with my writing. Everything is connected. The professors really work with you, and they are involved with so much on campus that you just know that they actually care about you succeeding. For the most part, they aren't just going to cart you through classes. For this reason a lot of the classes are hard, because they force you to actually think instead of just cough up notes, but they are the most beneficial in the long run.


The academics are pretty challenging but I really feel like I'm learning the material that I'm expected to learn. The teaching styles are pretty successful, and most of my professors know my name. I'm majoring in nursing but currently I am just finishing my pre-requisites and I will enter the nursing program next fall.


Academics, at least in the nursing program, are challenging. We focus not only treating a patients physical ailments, but also the psychosocial and emotional component which all exceptional nurses assess in their clients. This is a holistic healthcare that we focus on at Regis.