Regis University Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


The most popular activities at Regis are the intramural sports. The athletic events are extremely popular here at Regis especially: volleyball, soccer, and basketball. Regis is located just 10 minutes from downtown Denver where there is a lot to do such as going to professional sporting events, great food, or just walking around and looking at the skyline.


Thursday Thrills and Free Friday Night movie are definately big. We also have two 'spirit' kind of weeks- Ranger Week and Snow Week. Snow Week comes first and is more 'girl' oriented- it's got the 'Snow Queen' competition and the winter Snow Ball formal dance at the end of it (this year we got to have the dance at the Botanic Gardens, and it was amazing). Ranger Week is more 'guy' oriented. Last year the theme was Rodeo and they have the Mr. Regis competition and 'Ranger Day' where we literaly just have a day where the whole campus is turned into a kind of carnival/fair of fun right before finals.


Regis has a variety of opportunities and is open to student's ideas. Athletics, theater, music, intermural sports, and debate are just a few of the opportunities available for student involvement.


The most popular activities at the school are surrounded around sports. Even though we don't have a football team the school is still pretty interested in sports and athletics and they are usually a lot of students at the games.


Despite Regis small size, we really know how to party. Typical party nights are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. What we lack in tailgating for a football game (no football at Regis) and fraternities and sororities, we make up for at large house parties.