Regis University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Being colorado the worst thing about the school is probably smokers, weed or tabaco. Its really annoying to have people in your class that only care about weed and getting high when you are there actually trying to learn. It would really be nice if the campus were a smoke free enviorment for those with alergies and asthma to not have to endure with waling through areas with smokers. Overall weed seems to have a negative affect on the campus and take away from the learning enviorment and change the school to a party enviorment.


I love this school, it is incredibly holistic and well rounded. The cost of attendance is high, but worth it!


The worst thing about my school has to be the amount of work and time you have to put into your homework. Sometimes I will have so much homework that I will still not finish it even though I've spent all night working on it and I talk to friends that go to other schools and they don't seem to have this issue at all. Some words of advice, because you will run into this issue, is to manage your time wisely. Do not slack off because you will get behind in your work.


parking, that is a nightmare, but we are a bit land locked in a well developed neighborhood so the only way to build is up. Just choose to walk to campus and you will be fine.


The lack of programs available. Professors seem to be knowledgeable about a wide array of content areas and disciplines, but the school only has a limited variety of degrees and majors available to students.


Although some may consider a small student body size a blessing, I think it makes things ten times harder when everyone has their own little clique. Bascially, if you are not in a clique by the second semester, good luck! Also, Regis is a Catholic Jesuit university which means that there are rules based around Catholic values. For instance, nobody of the opposite sex can sleep in your room, etc. If you are anti-religious values, then this is not the college for you.


Modern and Classical languages at Regis are terrible. The French department is depressingly small (one full-time professor), as is Ancient Greek, Latin and German. We only offer Italian as an idependent study. The Spanish department is the only foreign language with a thriving teaching base. While Spanish is a beneficial "foreign" language for students to learn, this really limits the Humanities students from getting a full perspective of world languages. Regis boasts a good core of a Liberal Arts education, but fails to provide quality Liberal Arts classes to get a Humanities degree.


I didn't like the lack of responsiveness of my academic advisor. I attended a smaller campus of Regis University in Colorado Springs, where the courses offered were sometimes limited and not accessible for my degree requirements. I also did not like that 98{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of my courses required an oral presentation - I am not a communications major!


The best thing about my school by far, is the small class size, the community, and the way the teacher's care about me and how I am doing. I dont really think there is a "worst", the hardest thing though is the ammount of work involved. I absolutely love it though, and am so glad that I chose this program.


non diversity


Lack of diversity.


Financial aid is the worst thing about this school. The school is on a beautiful campus and has constant construction to maintain it and add new sculptures etc. However, my grades have improved and my financial aid has steadily decreased as I made more money working throughout the school year and over the summers. It is a losing battle trying to pay for an education at Regis if you paying for your own education and hoping not to have to take out student lones, or if are not a trust fund individual.


There is not enough money put into its facilities and extra-curriculors (cafe, gym, sports programs, etc.)


The small variety of classes offered.


The lack of a football team.


The worst thing about Regis is the cost, but it is a private school. The housing is not affordable., and the financial aid is not helpful.