Regis University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A student who wants to make change happen should attend Regis. Weather the change is in the community or impacting the wrold. Regis gives students the knowledge and opportunintes to be able to not only have a successful career but life.


An individual who works hard, is driven, accepting and loving.


Are you interested in excelling academically while gaining lifetime writing skills? Do you believe the reason to obtain a higher education is to serve and help others? Do you want to learn in a Jesuit tradition from a school who is alligned to their mission statement? If so than Regis University is for you.


People who are committed to their studies and work hard in all of their classes. Also people who really like a small, close-knit community and and small campus would really like the school. Another group who would really like this school are people with strong religious affiliations because Regis is a Jesiut Catholic school and so has strong religious affilations, but don't be worried about the catholicism because they accept all different religions.


The kind of person who should attend this school is someone who enjoys peace, social justice, and God.


If you are thinking about attending Regis you must be willing to spend a lot of time working on homework. Most of your classes will expect you to participate. You will have small class sizes and really get to know your professors. The school is small so you will get to know a lot of people and see the same faces around campus. It is a Jesuit institution, although people who attend here and aren't Catholic do not feel out of place.


I attend the adult education branch of Regis University. This program is geared towards the adult learner that may be working full time and have a family. I love the small classes and the teachers have worked in the fields that they are teaching. This brings about great discussions and better learning. I would reccomend this program for any adult that is looking to earn their degree.


I think a person that wants the best quality education they can get should attend this school.




The typical person to attend my school is a white male or female that is mostly upper class. They would be mostl conservative and mostly likely their parents own businesses or some type of land.


Someone who wishes to exceed in life and grow spiritually


Regis University is a great school for conservative students who are interested in a liberal arts education and who want a small campus with small class sizes. Regis is also a good school for those who want to pursue a career in the humanities as the school offers several internship opportunities for communication, history, and English majors.


anyone that wants a good education and small class sizes


A hardworking person that enjoys new experiences . If you are looking for small classes with a lot of individual attention from your professor then this is the best place for you. There is homework and attendance so if you like skipping class you have to be smart about it here. If you like to party there are parties but not like at huge state colleges so don't expect it to be the thing to do.


Someone who is looking for small class sizes and individual attention.