Regis University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Before I started at Regis University I had spent most of my funds at a previous and more expensive university. I wish I had most of my funds that I had spent at my previous school.


I wish I would have realized how small the school can become, especially among the on-campus students. Although I love the classroom sizes and the attention of the professors, it can become difficult to meet new people since many people tend to stick their friend groups and not branch out. Socializing on the weekend (such as partying) is much more difficult and inconvenient in the snow, but there are alternative activities to do with friends.


Before I came to this school, I wish I had a better understanding of exactly how small it is. You know everyone and everyone knows you. This has its up and downs but depending on your personailty this can make you or break you.


There isn't any prior knowledge I wish I had before attending Regis University. I was an online student and was completely impressed by the fluidity of the program.


I wish I knew about the amount of financial aid the school provides its students with before coming here. I decided on attending this college late in my college planning and lost out on aid due to the fact that it was already taken or the deadlines for the scholarships already expired.


Prior to coming to Regis I thought that I was aware of how important time management is to a college student. I now know that time management is of utmost importance. A student can be very intelligent, but without time management the educational opportunities are lost.


One bit of advice I wish i had known before attending Regis is the benfits of saving your money. College is very, very expensive and students preparing to go to a university should use all their resources to apply for scholarships, get a part time job in the summer, and save thier money.


How prejudice the students are.


That they would have a Rodeo Team.


Nothing. I felt very prepared to start my courses at Regis.


I wish I would have known that their was no diversity in terms of ethnicity at this school. I would have been able to mentally prepare myself.


I wish that I had known what attending a small college really meant. I wish I had known there would not be a variety of classes available, and I wish I had known how difficult it would be to fit all of the required classes in as some are only offered every other year. I also wish that I had been aware of how limited the science departments are in terms of both equipment and research opportunities for students.


How hard it is to work and do well in classes at the same time.


How much emphasis was put on writing ability.