Regis University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I would consider the best thing about Regis University would easily be our campus. Our campus is absolutely stunning. We've got Main Hall, which has four stories and is the oldest building on campus. We've got our new Dayton Memorial Library, which provides students with resources beyond imagination. Also, the residence halls are fully up to date and everything is just a small five-minute or less walk from building to building. The campus also happens to be about a ten-minute drive to the amazing downtown Denver.


Regis University is a very medical career oriented school, we have a great nursing and pharmacy program. This school is also very small and offers small class sizes which was somthing that I wanted in a college because it is easier to build realtionships with teachers. This was somthing that I really wanted when I picked my school, a place where you can build many realtionships with the staff and students as well. The school although very medical emphasized also has many other great programs as well so that many students can join us on campus.


The best part of Regis University is the Catholic Jesuit tradition that they incorporate into your learning. They are focused on providing a high quality education while at the same time teaching you how to become a better person.


The best thing about Regis is the easy access to tutoring and outside help. The professors really care and go out of their way to make sure every student understands. Also since the classes are so small the professors are able to give each student a better understanding.


The beauty of it, and the location. Because its an arboretum, you're surrounded by trees all the time and it's just gorgeous. Especially in the winter, when all of the trees are covered with snow. It's like a personal escape. Which is interesting, considering its location on Federal- go outside the school and you're in the thick of a pretty low-income area. It's very eye-opening.


Our campus is an Arboretum! Don't worry, when I came to Regis, I had no idea what an Arboretum was either. Basically, it is a botanical garden devoted to trees. People come from all over the country just to see all the different kinds of tree and plants that Regis has growing on campus. Almost all the trees have identification tags on them. So don't be surprised if you see small tour groups crawling through the foliage!


Regis University is a smaller school which allows for forging better relationships with faculty, staff, and other students. It is a close knit community. I enjoyed participating in activities such as : The School of Americas (SOA) delegation, the Young Democrats Club, and student government.


I think the best thing about Regis is the small campus feel of small class sizes and getting to know your professors who want you to succeed.


I love the small community at Regis University. The professors are always there to help when I have questions and the class sizes are small. The campus is small enough that I never feel lost. Also, Regis University has a great reputation, so I know that having Regis University on my applications to medical school will make a big difference.


The best thing about my school is how high it is ranked in the U.S. compared to other colleges. It is comforting to know Regis University is acknowledge as a great school. Also, to know that the knowledge I Iearn from Regis is highly sought after by employers.


The adult-based learning program where you only attend each class once a week was perfect, since I am a working adult.


Regis University BSN program has an excellent reputation.


Due to it being small, students are able to build a close relationship with teachers and other students. Because the school is small, there is a strong community.


The best thing is the people because everyone is very nice and accepting.


The community feeling and the campus environment.


Regis University is a Jesuit school, and as such emphasizes themes service to others and social justice. The Jesuit themes run throughout the coursework and activities on campus.


The school is a smaller school with a lower teacher to student ratio, so you get to know your professors and it is easy to talk with your professors about your needs/concerns. The staff here are always helpful, the classes offered are very good, and the atmosphere here is that we are all one big family and we need to care for each other.


small classes, beautiful campus, engaging teachers (most of them)


Online classes geared toward working professionals trying to start over or further thier careers are great.


It's a small private school. So it's easy to make friends and get through difficulties in classes by being able to meet a lot with your professors.


The teacher student relationships. All teachers genuinely care for not only the quality of work done in the classroom but also the quality of life. As long as the student shows they are putting effort into their work and study, the teacher will do there best to make sure the student completes the course to the best of their ability.