Reinhardt University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


We have a great Baseball program and I am one of the players on the team. They set a record for wins last season and I believe we will break that record again this year. As a Freshman, I am already contributing by being the winning pitcher in the first game I started. With a coaching staff that is helping us to develop as players as well as students to achieve our best.


That our downstairs library is 24 hours.


That were all close family friends and have fun together.


How friendly my professors are and how they always seem genuinly concerned for my well being.


Our school has a strong emphasis on the musical program and the Falany Perfoming Arts Center frequently has fantastic concerts. My college is very small, but has a beautiful surrounding environment. We are in the mountains and there are some beautiful hiking trails nearby. It is small enough that your professors can get to know you and you are not overwhelmed by lecture halls. My largest class consisted of about thirty students. Most of their professors know their subject well and are flexible and understanding about things going on in your life that might affect your acheivement in that class.