Reinhardt University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who is more comfortable in a smaller school setting that is willing to get involved not only in class but extra curricular activities on campus as well.


People wanting to learn in a small enviroment with a lot of support should attend Reinhardt University.


Somebody that is friendly and serene. Reinhardt is a campus that is not only equal when it comes to race, gender, sexuality and belief, but it is also a place where there isn't really any drama, and when there is it is quickley resolved in a mature way.


A person who likes the small small town, is very creative and love being outdoors in the mountains


A person who likes closeness. A person who l wants to major in music. We have an excellent music program. A person with good character. We do not like people who are mean or nasty. Those kind of people are frowned upop at this school.


anyone the school is great for anybody to attened as long as you want to be in college.


Ones who like tight-knit family-like communities. Small town, small college, serious work from caring professors who want you to do well. It's hard to fall through the cracks.