Reinhardt University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Take an active approach to determining which college will be the best direction for you to go whether you are looking for a good college or university as a student or as a student athlete. As a student athlete, get to know the situation within the present team to be sure the team is a good fit for you. Be sure to take a little more time in looking at the different colleges that you are considering. No one is going to hold your hand to make sure you go to class so be sure to go to class and take good notes. This will help you to be prepared for the tests that you will be taking, if you take good notes. Get involved around campus. Taking a summer class to get your feet wet is a good way to start your college experience. Do be sure to do the best you can on the ACT and SAT tests. It does not hurt to take a prep class to help to maximize your chances to do well on these tests as they can play a big part in scholarship opportunities.


If I could talk to pre college me, I think my biggest warning would be-not all families are the same. I would attempt to prepare myself for the culture shock that everyone wasnt raised the way I was and that not all parents respond to their children the way I have come to expect my parents to respond, and that is ok. Different doesn't mean bad. I would tell myself that I will be forced to make immediate concessions for complete strangers and hope that they do the same for me. Sharing a dorm room with 7 people you do not know will be a challenge, but your response to this must be quick and hospitable. I would tell myself that it will be hard work with lots of challenges, but the reward of a making new friends that feel like family and learning at a level you didnt think possible far outweighs the hardships.


To my stressed-out, high school senior self, I know it's hard to believe, but your life did not end after high school. In fact, it only just began. Despite all your constant fears of growing up, and never wanting to leave high school, I can honestly tell you that once you get to college you'll never want to go back to high school. I know, shocker. The thing is, Reinhardt is not like any ordinary university; it's like home. I'll be honest, in the beginning it's a little overwhelming with all the work that is all of a sudden thrown at you, but once you get a planner you'll be good to go. The key is to stay organized with due dates for tests, homework, essays, and everything else that you'll have to do. Also, don't be afraid to reach out and join a club or participate around campus. This little step of effort truly makes a world of a difference, and makes you friends. Which is a pretty good bonus. Most of all take it easy, and enjoy every moment. These will be the best days of your life.


Be prepared for a more fulfilling educational experience. The workload really is heavier, but the social environment is much more comfortable. You will make closer friends and be more involved in things that you like to do.


If i could go back in time and tell my self one thing as a high school senior about college life, i would tell myself to make time for work and play. That there has to be a seperation between the two, and to be able to go out and have fun, i need to get my work done for class.


If I could go back in time as a high school senior once again, knowing what I know now as a College sophomore, I would have so much more helpful advice to give to myself then I did when I was first going into the whole process. The very first piece of crucial advice I would give to myself would be to start searching and applying for as many applicable scholarships that I found as early as possible. As a high school senior, I was doubtful of ever receiving an online scholarship as well as having very little chance of being awarded a local one within my own community. Although I did receive quite a few local scholarships, I was still doubtful of applying for ones online and having the chance of being awarded them. However, I now know that it is worth applying for each and every online scholarship that I am eligible for even with all of the doubt in the world because one will never truly know if they will be the one student that gets awarded that one scholarship that may help them afford a part of their education that they never imagined they could.


From my attendance at Reinhardt University I have gain many diffrerent experiences ranging from intellectual challenges to leadership challenges and emotional struggles. I feel that through attending Reinhardt I was able to gain experiences that I would not be able to experience anywhere else. I was able to establish friendships and bonds that I was not aware existed when I was in high school. Through attending Reinhardt I was able to experience and overcome real challenges that have forced me to make decisions to fight for what I believe and have ultimately improved my leadership skills in the work place.


Intelligence is the key to success. College has opened my eyes to the beauty and ugliness of the world. I have expanded my horizons and thirst for knowledge. The world is a never ending library just waiting to be read. My education is very important to me, not only for job purposes but for the sake of knowing the unknown. College helps me explore and learn things I did not existed and to me that's a greater honor than just attending a school to receive a degree and make money.


If I were able to journey back in time to advise my self on college life there are four things I?d like to tell myself. I would first express to myself the vitality of applying for scholarships early, to ensure I receive adequate financial aid. Second of all I would tell myself that living on campus is the way to go, because it allows you to get more involved in campus life. Third of all I?d remind myself that working hard my senior year in high school would defiantly pay off in college, and accustom me to the heavy work load. Lastly I would make sure to tell myself to not get too stressed out about college stuff and remember to enjoy my last year of high school. If I were able to have a conversation with myself I believe I would tell myself what I really already knew, but needed to be reminded.


Find a school that fits the environment you are looking for in your dream school, and don't forget that you are going to college to create opportunities in the future for jobs. The money will be worth it in the end and the experiences only come around once!!! Enjoy it while it lasts :-)


College is what you make it, therefore if you go to a huge school or a small school, if you do not get involved you will not have fun. There will always be a great activity going on if you just put yourself out there and expend your horizons. But remember why you came to college, for the academics! The other side of it is important too, but not as much as your education; that comes first.


I would say you don't know what college is right for you until you try it. You can have a college that you want to go, but it might not be the right one. The way to make the most of college experience is to enjoy yourself and don't ware yourself out. You are on your own, no one telling you what to do it will get to when you forget things and have to much fun, but you have to get back on track and have fun when you done with your work.


Find a college that best fits you and not what someone else wants you to do. Just find what best fits you and go with the flow, live life and learn on the way.


First, I would ask what they would want to major in. Knowing that is half of the battle. Parents want their child to go to a school that specializes in their field of study and I would say that to them. Second, I would ask if they like small campuses or big ones, because they would be going to that school everyday. For them not to like the environment would be a tiresome thing. That would be unnecessary energy that is wasted on not liking the environment. It would have an impact on the students grades. Third, I would ask if they want to live at home while the attend college. If they want to, then that obviously narrows their decisions. Lastly, I would say that they need to stay focused on school while they are attending that school. They cannot get distracted by anything because it has a huge impact on their grades. I would tell them that they should avoid the "party schools." Those schools would offer to much distaction and unnecessary energy that they do not need while attending college to earn their wanted degree.


I think for any person going to college they need to first get the information about the college straight. Do the research and find out if this place is for you. Also look up different majors if you're not sure about a field. It will help you be more prepared. Figure out what is important in a school for you. Think of things like size, rules, requirements, if there are frats and sororities or not, etc. Make sure you are willing to work and do your best at college. Freshmen get over whelmed because college is much harder than highschool; keep that in mind when you decide whether or not to go the college route.


don't follow friends or a girlfriend/boyfriend go to the school you want to go to because the school your friends or significant other may go to might be the wrong one for you.


Consider location, size of school and especially the cost of school, those are very important factor.


Pick the college that gives you the best education, ask for phone numbers of students to get real live answers. Don't go to a school because your friends go there. Part of the experience is making new friends. Be open to anything legal. Go play sports-- walk on to a team if you need to. Try to be more outgoing and make new friends. Join groups on campus like SGA and student activities. Every college has option to broaded your horizons, just take them! Make sure of a couple of things: you like the dorm you will be staying in, check out the food in the dining hall, research the history (do you want to be a part of this legacy?). Parents: Remember tuition will ALWAYS go up. The first semester is the cheapest-- plan accordingly. Keep your own finaicial records because colleges have to keep them for at least 1,000 students, sometimes up to 20,000+. Also make sure that this school has a great reputation for the field your child wants to pursue. Your child is now an adult, they make their own decisions abotu grades, classes, relationships, sports, extra-curricular activites. Just accept it.


Make sure you understand exactly what your looking for before you sign up!


First, I would suggest that you make a list of the qualities and characteristics that you are looking for in a school. Make sure that it has the majors and minors you are interested in as well as some extracurricular activities. Consider whether you want to be in small classses where you can interact with your professor or in large classes where the professor does not know you. Look at the setting of where the school is located. Decide whether you want to go to a school in the city, mountains, or near a lake. After making a list of characteristics you are looking for, the next step is looking through college mail and websites. An important thing about this step is to remember that colleges are going to advertise what you want to hear. The college might say things that are not completely true so that you will be drawn in. Do not depend on the advertisements and websites, but find out for yourself and go visit the campus. Take a tour, talk with students that live on campus, and ask questions. Most importantly, visit a variety of colleges so that you can pick the best one for you.


Make sure its very welcoming and that they offer great degree programs.


The advice I would give is to visit the college a couple of times at different times of the year and let the student decide what they are looking for. If a student prefers larger class sizes, they should look for a school that offers that. If a student prefers smaller class sizes, they should look for a school that offers smaller classes. It all really boils down to the student's decision.


Look at all of your options, then make your decision


No other college compares to Reinhardt college. This college has so many campus facilities to help you with any problem you have or if you need anything at all. Classes are not very large and its very helpful to you as a student because you can actually get individual help from the professor and you can be heard in class discussions. Incoming new freshmens are usually nervous I know I was and college is really not that scary. Reinhardt made me feel so comfortable. Reinhardt made me learn how much I can actually handle with classes, papers and deadlines. It made me learn my full capabilties. Students should not underestimate themselves because they can succeed at Reinhardt.


If you are the type of person who gets easily distracted by your social life, don't attend a large school for at least your first year of school. Students have to make sure they can get in a routine of studying and doing homework before they go to hang out with their friends all the time because if not students will fail out. Students should make sure they have a lot of fun but they also need to remember what they are really at school for and they need to set goals for themselves. Also it is very important to stay organized at all times.


Know what you're looking for. Know whether you prefer being around lots of new people and would thrive in a big university, or if you would be more at home in a small community college atmosphere. Know what you want your major to be--find the best in your field.


College is supposed to be an good experience. Don't put to much pressure on yourself or your student about going to the "right" school. When you begin college and you find out that you don't like where you are, you can transfer! But also remember that it is important to take your education seriously. You can go to any school and find parties and people who are just there to have a good time. But at the same time, you can find people who attend the same school who are there for an education and they will get one if that's what they are there for.