Reinhardt University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is how involved the teachers are in the students' education. It is not very common for teachers to be as involved in a student's education at larger, more populated schools, but at Reinhardt our teachers go out of their way to make sure that we get all the help and guidance we need in a class. The professors always have open office hours, and this is very helpful for classes that might be more challenging. At this time we can get one on one help with the work.


The best thing about Reinhardt College is the small class size. This allows for more one on one interaction with the professior, and the ability to gain a relationship with them.


The opportunity to expand your knowledge and the organizations that teach you leadership skills are what I believe is the best thing the school has. SIFE ( students in free enterprise) is a wonderful organization that gives a student an insight into the work force and how one should also give back to thier community. It helps mold a student into a moral and ethical leader.


Education. Most of the teachers here care about the students learning and succeeding. The student-teacher ration is very good about 10-1.


The best thing about Reinhardt is the class size. I love small classes!


I think that the best thing about Reinhardt is the class size. The most people I have ever had in a class is about 25. I'm very shy and having to speak in front of large groups of people scares me to death. With there being such a small class size, I'm not afraid to speak up in class discussions or to answer a question.