Remington College-Baton Rouge Campus Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


The experience of college wouldn't be an experience without others to experience it with. I have to say that the relationships that I've formed with my future colleagues has been one of the most valuable assets that I've gained through the college experience. Without that very important component college would merely be a exercise of my own intellect against itself; and although the crest of intelligence can indeed be realized by an autodidact working in solitude, I believe that he or she would be robbed of the depth of perspective found in a room of other aspiring minds. I've found that in having a corporate body of other like-minded students to work with the borders of my imagination have been extended far beyond the bounds of my comforts, and my thought and learning process has been challenged over and over again. Ironically, probably the most beneficial side effects of my college experience with others is that I've learned how to teach myself especially when I am alone - I learned how to and why I study. I study and learn to put a greater gap between the ignorance behind me and the knowledge before me.


My current college experience has been a wild one. I currently attend San Joaquin Valley College located in Hesperia, CA. Our campus has over 650 students enrolled as of right now. This campus seems to be only able to hold about half of those individuals. It really is a jam packed environment here at SJVC. Getting around this campus is just like moving along the 101 freeway in Los Angeles during Friday afternoon. You must be strategic about how you move about here, and constantly be moving or you will be moved unwillingly. The students here are awesome and are very helpful in various ways. If you ever need a helping hand in anything, you could actually go up to anyone and they would be more than willing to help you at. This is a great thing. The most valuable experience that I have received here at San Joaquin Valley College is that I myself controll my own destiny and advancement in my courses. All the resources that are available to me here, make my experience worth wild.


I am a first time college student school is not easy I am also learning about the different ways to study and the ups and downs of being a college student I am going online right now later I plan on going on ground campus to go for my bachelor's of science in psychology. I have learned alot about the stress factors of going to school and the different actions that students take such as drugs to stay up and their use of drugs and alcohol and the sexual transmitted diseases that college students occur. It is vaulable for me to attend because I am learning alot and being out of school for 29 years and to go back is a challenge and rewarding. Going to school online makes you use your criticial thinking skills and to really use your mind. It is also vaulable for me to attend college I can improve my way fo life for mysrlf and family and I want to learn all that I can to help others who are less fourtanate than others when it comes to medical help there are alot of people out there who need someone to listen to them.

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