Remington College-Cleveland Campus Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


i would go back and tell myself that college is nothing like highschool. your teachers dont extend your deadlines because they feel bad for you. they wont just give u a better grade because they like you. i would tell myself as a senior in highschool that i need to do better and try a lot harder because there is no slacking in college. its honestly something highschool doesnt prepare you for like they say they do.


I would tell myself to think hard about what you want to do. Do not take other people's suggetions for the career they think is right for you, make up your own mind. When things get hard, don't get discouraged. Go to the people that are there to help and don't feel ashamed about asking. If you think you have made the wrong decision, do not neglect the feeling and keep at it. Take the time to determine if you do desire something different. Most importantly, do not cram everything in at one time and rush through. Make sure you go to class everyday and take your new learning experience seriously.


Transitioning into college is not as hard as people make it seem. If you stay all about school, then it will be greatly similar to high school. The best thing I learned in high school that prepared me for college was how to take notes. Your notes are the key to your success. The better you take notes, and the more you review them, the easier your college experience will be. Don't go into a college automatically thinking it will be hard. Always go in confident that you can handle anything they bring your way; that is how you make it through to graduation. Be about your school. Parties and sleep overs are not going to get you the career that drew you to going to college. Most of all, enjoy your college experience; much like high school, it's over quick. And when it's gone - it's gone! Stay committed to yourself. You weren't put on this earth to please anyone else, so you might as well make yourself happy. Choosing future happiness over "one night happiness" is the hard part. Be strong.


When you start you should go into a trade school, for example, Remington Institute instead of a Community College. At Remington you will get the hands on experience along with the education you need, and upon graduation you will be able to use the skills that you have acquired throughout your 2 year term in order to obtain a career. In the long run this will provide you with job security and hope for a successful future. Keep your head up, stay on the straight, and narrow. Most important never quit.