Remington College-Honolulu Campus Top Questions

What should every freshman at Remington College-Honolulu Campus know before they start?


to go back into time knowing what I know now to give myself advice on how to prepare for the future or anything. I would simply tell myself to keep doing what your doing. Do not doubt or second guess yourself because you will turn out to be everything you want to be. I am very safisfied with how my life turned out and would not change anything. If I were to change anything it would not make me the person that I am today.


Utmost, please relax!! See the beauty of life. School is important, but must not stress over, enjoy your life!! There are so many paths in one's life, so go ahead and take your time and finish college and explore the world. I am so proud of you for acheiving so much in your high school day. Life is not a competition with others, so help each other and make a happy life! Good luck with life!! I love you very much. - Your loving self, Yoshiko


The advice I would give myself is never give up and take all the opportunties that comes your way. Looking back when I was a high school senior I wasn't really a good student and was so close not graduating high school. I was about to give up and drop out. I really thank my friends,family andteachers for encouraging me that I can do it, and knowing that I could make a difference in my life and helping me realize my future. I am so happy that I never gave up I worked really hard and graduated with my class and attending college. I am getting closer and closer to my dream career. No matter what happens I am not going to give up and when a opportunity comes take it cause it could change your life.


Give class time 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of your attention, speak up and ask for help when you don't understand and remember once high school is over you wont have to do it again so do it to the best of your ability.