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Tell us about the food and dining options.

We have four dining halls on campus. each has different hours of operation, but none serve dinner past 8pm. One does have a service from 10:30 to 11:30 on weeknights.There is not large variety from day-to-day and from week-to-week, especially for picky eaters, but the food is decent and sometimes really good. As for allergies, one dining hall offers a specialized room that requires specialized access, so only students that make known their allergies can utilize this room. The Student Union houses some food court style options which have much extended hours of operation. These options include sandwiches, pizza, chicken tenders, and the like. The Union and one residence hall also have small convenience stores. There are four, maybe five, cafes in academic buildings, which serve soups, salads, snacks, baked goods, sandwiches, drinks, coffee, and tea. One uses meal swipes in dining halls and flex dollars to purchase items in cafes, the Union, and the convenience stores.

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